Thursday, June 4, 2009

Road Trip

Tomorrow I am taking
a road trip with two
beautiful women.
This evening, I retired
to my place of Serenity
to ask God's blessings
on our trip. I'll see you
all on Monday!


  1. I hope you enjoy your road trip. How wonderful to spend time with friends - road trips are so memorable. I am off on one on Sunday. Have fun - speak to you next week - stay safe :)

  2. May your trip be filled with laughter and happiness. See you on monday.

    And many thanks for your hopeful words, the sure did comfort me when I was in desperate need for love and faith.

    And yes I know things will be fine for my little one. But some times the road is a little dark and things are hard to see clear again.
    But we will be fine, just fine. By the way he's accepted! YEAH.

  3. Have a great trip, enjoy the special times with your friends.


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