Monday, June 29, 2009

Inspire Me Monday #5 Shapes

I've received several emails about my last post, Stone Rabbit. It is a natural shape. I'm posting a photo from another perspective so all can see it. This shape inspired me to post other interesting shapes from my photo library. Wind and rain are natural carvers. What shapes do you find inspiring?


  1. Thos "stoney-sandy" pictures are really neat....did you take them close to where youlive or on a vacation? I really like them.

  2. thanks for the suggestions on websites. these are really cool pictures :)

  3. i see a ground hog in the first picture. :) my favorite shapes seem to be circles with radiating seen in many flowers.

    and really, jeanne, i'm thinking you are a sister of my soul. xo

  4. Good idea on the bucket list!! I'll add that next week as a question!! saw your comment on Joyces page

  5. That is amazing!! I just love waves carved in the rocks - anything to do with the ocean fascinates me. The ocean is timeless. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Love these, the second picture looks like a cat's head coming black out of the rock. Wonderful Jeanne. You've got a way in seeing things.


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