Monday, June 22, 2009

Inspire Me monday #4 Gray Days

Not a day of sun since May 8, 2009:

Ask not:
Where are the shadows of Summer? I say, where?

Think not of them now, but love instead
mist hanging heavy on buttercups
fish leaping in the pond
ducks waddling across the grass.

See how the Day Lillies brightly shine
against the canvas so grey
while bees work in the mist?
Smell the fragrance of sweet grass
growing between the oak trees with
boughs so heavy they weep soft tears
when the wind caresses them

The shadows will return
when Sun again lights the sky.
But for now
stop moaning and be joyful!


  1. Stop moaning and be joyful sounds like a tough task when you've had no sun for so long! Glad you can find beauty in the gray though.

  2. It is all relevant - I think gloomy days can be just as sunny as this beautiful flower :)


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