Saturday, June 13, 2009

Perfect Couple

I love watching this pair.
He stands guard
while she eats.
She stands guard
while he eats.
They've got it


  1. Oh beautiful. This is how it's suppose to be in life. Keep following them as much as you can and bring us all the news about what's happening.

  2. I love Canada geese and I agree, they have it all figured out. Mates for life, respectful guardians of their own kind, cooperative in flight, always communicating. Exquisite movement and flow of their wings when aloft.

    I say prayers on behalf of your mate. Candles will be lit. Your comments always touch me deeply, Jeanne. All good blessings to you, Soul Sister.

  3. Perfect harmony!

  4. I always find it special that animals mate for life - the Eagles I know are another bird species that do the same - it is just fascinating - thanks for the warm feelings it gave me :)


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