Monday, October 19, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays—Owlfan, The Drum

Do any of you birth drums? This is Owlfan, a drum I birthed last year, a drum with a vibrant, bass voice. When I took him from his cover this morning, I discovered a piece of twisted rawhide had separated from the Elk skin. It has been several weeks since I've played Owlfan. The care and feeding of drums is important. Once we birth them, it's our responsibility to nurture them so they, in turn, can do their job. Owlfan is a healing drum, a drum used in prayer. I don't know if I can repair him. Do any of you know? I can always birth another drum, but Owlfan was my first...(sigh). Despite his inability to speak today, he's a gentle reminder that we're each here for a purpose and if we aren't allowed to fulfill this purpose, we lose our power. Attend to your purpose and have a beautiful day.


  1. I have heard of instruments used in prayer - I am sure it sounds beautiful. I hope you can get it fixed.

  2. this is so magical..i would love to hear it preschoolers LOVE drums

  3. I have never heard of "birthing" drums....not sure what it is. But this is a beautiful drum, I do know that drums can be very spiritual. I hope you can repair it.

  4. Oh wow this is a magical drum ... love the sound of drums like these they go in so deep and touch your soul. I think you can repair it with dryed and cleared out intestance. But go find yourself a instrument fixer who can help you.

    If it's not gonna work than I'll guess it's just supose to did al the healing it could. I'll be praying for it to make lots of great music for you again and again.


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