Monday, October 5, 2009

Inspire Me Monday—Hidden Message in Water

Walking through Chester County Bookstore
today, I saw a calendar with photos by Masaru
Emoto, who claims ice crystals in water change
form when beautiful words are spoken to the water,
words such as "love" and "gratitude." When negative
thoughts or words are sent to water, it forms
disassembled crystals, or none at all. When I got home,
I decided to try a little experiment. I filled a glass with
water and took it outside to "commune" with the water
in my pond. After a while, I brought the glass of water
indoors. As I was passing through the kitchen, my husband
looked at the glass and said, "That's the most beautiful water
I've ever seen." I reminded him the glass was from our cabinet.
We use it all the time. He said (and I kid you not),
I'm not talking about the glass. It's the water. Something's
different about it. It's beautiful."

I'm inspired today to speak softly and gently to my
water because, as Dr. Emoto reminds us, most of the
human body is made up of water. Grab a glass,
speak beautiful words to your water and drink up—
then let me know what happens!


  1. that is fascinating to me...i drink water all the time, but never knew this !

  2. this is lovely. lovely to know.


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