Monday, September 7, 2009

Inspire Me Monday #11—Just Be You

"Learn to recognize
the counterfeit coins
that may buy you
just a moment of
But then drag you
for days like a
broken man
behind a

These photos were taken through a window screen so are not
clear, but I decided to post them anyway. This little guy
doesn't look like the other deer in our area, yet he goes about
his business, just being himself.


  1. dear god, the terrors of a farting camel!

    if only we could all just go about our days being healed the world would be.

    love your little friend, jeanne!

  2. Couldn't imagine anything worse than a farting camel - their front is bad enough with all that spitting. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog :)

  3. Eeeuuu....walking behind a farting camel???Where did you come up with that one!??
    ANyhow, I do love the little deer, although it looks like when his fur coat was developing it wasn't yet sure what kind of animal it would be coating!

  4. what amazing marking on this sweet one~great captures

  5. My wife told me that those markings on the deer are called "piebald". She knows this from reading and dreaming about horses all her life. Apparently some horses have similar markings.

    I think I've had a couple of those counterfeit coins mentioned in your post, there called tequila.

  6. I have never seen a deer colored like this. Half camouflaged for summer, half for winter. Ha.
    I love the Hafiz quote, never read that one before. I can relate!

  7. How I love this little fellow. Being different from all the others yet being all okay with it.

  8. "Piebald!" Interesting... Thank you, Peter.


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