Monday, September 21, 2009

Inspire Me Monday #11—My Stone

Today is my birthday :)) and I'm celebrating with this special
guy I found on November 15, 1989 in Santa Fe, NM.
I didn't get to participate in Rock Week but I didn't
want this special stone ignored. Isn't he gorgeous?


  1. That is a handsome specimen. What do you call him?

    Oliver Stone? Rock Hudson?

    Have a great birthday!

  2. Jeanne happiest of birthdays to you this day ...the colors in the stone are so rich! I would love to send you a card...send me an email with your address if you wish.

  3. The most happy of birthdays to you, Dear Jeanne!!! In my world, rock week goes on forever; there's so much to see and talk about. Your specimen is quite handsome. :)

    I will light a little candle for you tonight and send you a wish on a star.

    Love from,
    your fellow nature freak

  4. Happy Birthday to you Jeanne! That red in the rock looks like the same colour as the lava rock that is so abundant around here.

  5. Happy Birthday Mother!
    Missed posting on time by a couple of hours but at least I got to talk to you on your birthday!I will figure out all this blogging business!
    I love your rock!

  6. Hi there. Happy Birthday Jeanne. Hope you have a wonderful sunny fun day. With lots of presents and goodies.
    Birthday hugs from me to you my dear. Dagmar

  7. happy birthday, my friend!! make a wish, sweetie!

  8. Laughing at Peter's comment up there. I have a friend who feels much the same way you do about rocks (and crystals). Last time he visited from Tahoe, he opened up a special cloth and from it came the most amazing rocks. He asked me to choose which two I wanted and they are on my bookcase. Just little things. Sorry I missed your birthday! Beautiful photos here.


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