Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dancing the Maypole

We still dance the Maypole here. Do you?
To view an interesting collection of Maypole Winding post cards visit:


  1. No May poles in our area...the only thing I saw that related to it this first of May was an elegant symposium of athletic pole dances held in NYC today. (Saw it on CBS Sunday Morning) Very cool...nothing sleezy as pole dances usually are...

  2. not so much here ... we used to deliver May Baskets as children though

  3. oh I love May Day dancing..we will tomorrow in does not look like this tho'

  4. No - I've read about it but have never seen it.

    Have a great week, Jeanne !

  5. Beltane, Cetsamhain- That is so great that you keep this old celtic custom alive :)


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