Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Time To Bud--A Time To Bloom


  1. O my, it's actually happening...spring, that is! Thanks, Jeanne, for sprinkling my blogs with your beautiful comments and good cheer :) you make me smile on a day when I'm stuck inside.
    Your photographs are so strong...with great shadowing and textural elements.
    Happy Easter week! We waved our palms in church today :)

  2. What a sunny sight ... mine are still half-buried in snow.

  3. I saw lots of these on our way through PA from FL last week. Large swatches along the interstate - excellent use of the land !

    These are beautiful Jeanne, and I look to that happening here in the next month.

  4. i like the buds ALMOST as much as the hopeful!!


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