Saturday, February 6, 2010

Digging Out

Trying to dig out
so Blaze, the dog,
can get outside
to do his duty. 

Our picnic table
on the deck
disappeared under
the snow.

Somewhere out
there in the driveway
is my son's car. Anyone
have a clue where it is?


  1. ooooh...this is when snow is at its most beautiful. freshly fallen, no marks, no greyed-down color. thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey, I thought that Buffalo was the snow capitol of the world! Have fun digging out !

  3. my son just walked past while i was looking at your pictures and he asked if we could go make a snowman in all that snow :)

    beautiful whiteness all around you there.

  4. oh wow..there is a car there?

    poor blaze...make him a path ..take care in this wonderland!

  5. Holy, moly! that's a lotta snow! Looks my my house looked back on Dec, 20th.
    Where's the car?....where's the DRIVEWAY??? LOL
    Nice shots of all that white stuff.

  6. Really ??? A car?? I see a speed bump at the end, but a car? How much did you get??

    Oh - is that really you on your facebook badge?
    I'm so used to seeing your profile pic. Two diffent sides of you. They are both beautiful!


  7. Interesting and artistic.
    Daniel D. Peaceman, editor

  8. Oh my goodness! Did Blaze enjoy it or run the other way?
    We are expecting a big storm, but the news keeps saying no where near like the east. I hope you had plenty of hot chocolate. xo

  9. I hope Blaze didn't get stuck in the avalanche - that is just what it looks like. I hope you are staying warm :)

  10. Heavenly've lost a CAR???? Man my kids will not believe this when I tell them so I better show them the pics...and still...??? Geeezzzzz. Hope you're all okay and safe? Do keep me informed I"m worried. Hugs Dagmar


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