Saturday, January 16, 2010


God bless Haiti and all those beautiful, suffering souls


  1. It's difficult to even imagine ...

  2. So sad that comments cannot express ...

  3. Jeanne,
    this is awesome! Such a lovely memorial. So simple and pure and just touching. I love it. Thank you? Did you create this memory yourself with those sticks? It is the most striking memorial I think I've ever seen. But then, I collect crosses!

    It says so much that words could never express.


  4. A stunningly simple memorial!

  5. Jeanne,
    Thanks for your response on my blog. Nice to know this info. It must have been a very peaceful place to be. What a blessing. I just love the cross idea - going to remember this forever. Thanks for sharing it

    Patrina >")>><

  6. Yes - wasn't it awful. I love your image what a beautiful tribute. My prayers are with those suffering.

  7. Oh yea Jeanne I'm sending out my prayers too.

  8. I stopped over here from Patrina's blog when I saw mention of Santurio De Chimayo. I've seen these crosses and witnessed the healing miracles for this blessed place years ago.

    I suffered through a miscarriage and had trouble getting pregnant for years and years until finally I made my trek to Chimayo and prayed and brought home the dirt of miracles from the tiny room in the back.

    You can read more about my amazing experience by visiting my link:

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful photo that brought back special memories for me.



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