Monday, August 17, 2009

Inspire Me Monday #9

When I arrived
in Santa Fe, I went
out on the portal
to discover a
stone on my wall;
as if

I love




  1. what in the world is this?! I love this...

  2. It's just a stone someone put on my portal wall in Santa Fe. I love it, too!

  3. You're right, the textures are great! I wouldn't have known what it was without you telling me. It looks like a humungous statue of some sort.

  4. oh this is really a delight! am really enjoying your SantaFe images...

    your comment on my blog touched me thank you so much ~elk

  5. You are funny - love the concept of heaven laying an egg - you are so right that is just what it looks like.

  6. i first thought - dough rising on a piece of bread! hehehe. great!

    and yeah - go have breakfast food at any time of the day, that's what i say!

  7. Hi Jeanne -

    Great photos. I especially like the zen-like simplicity of the top one.

    My wife Kathy and I LOVE Santa Fe and have been trying to arrange our life so we can live part of the year there, and open a second studio -- but being artists and writers, our wealth has been great for our souls, though it fluctuates in the purse... so establishing dual residences is a challenge.

    Kathy is a contemporary fiber artist and she and I combine to create contemporary mixed media pieces -- when I work in 3D craft.

    I surprised my wife with an anniversary trip to Santa Fe a couple years ago. We just freaked over all the galleries. WOW!! We met Jane Sauer of Jane Sauer gallery. She was just in the process of buying the former 13 Moons fiber arts gallery and changing its name to her own. We spent the day with her in her gallery as she was changing over.

    Our last trip to the southwest was to show in the juried Sedona Arts Festival. Sedona is also a beautiful and magical place, so we occasionally vacillate in our city of choice for our SW home/studio - but Santa Fe holds the edge.

    Sorry I rambled...


  8. How wonderful your eye captured this. You've did a great job showing us the heavenly egg ;-)


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